Starting out

Just a little background on myself:

I come from a small town in Missouri. My father is about as racist and intolerant as they come. The rest of my family, well, they are not what i would consider tolerant.

When i finally got away from all of the racism and hate, i realized what caused it. Some of you may already know this but it is fear and a lack of understanding. In some cases people are just ignorant. It saddens me that parents teach their children to hate and/or fear others. Why do they think this is ok?! In a strange way, i think it is similar to parents telling their kids that monsters are real to scare them into staying in bed, or not digging around in a closet to try to find their Christmas presents. That crap is just messed up. Good job guys.

I can still remember my father saying to me “all of those gays should be taken out back and shot!”. Then, when i was a teenager i saw the movie “American Beauty“. Well, if you have seen that movie you must know what i started thinking about my Dad. He must be gay! Then when my stepmother divorced my father, she confided in me that there were other things about his behavior that led her to believe the same thing.  So now every time i see on the television a “Gay hater”  i feel sorry for them. Because i know they so vehemently hate gays because they are in fact hating themselves.

I have 2 children. Before my husband and i were married we had already discussed what we would do and how we would react if one of our children came to us and said that they were attracted to the opposite sex. And we both agreed that we would love them and accept them no matter what. Now, i am not so naive to say that it wouldn’t wierd me out for a while. I know it would take some getting used to. But they are my children. I love them no matter what. If they killed someone, i would help them bury the body. So them being gay would not change that love for them.


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